CMAK Race4Chase Triathlon Program 2015-2016 Grant Application

CMAK Race4Chase Triathlon Program 2015-2016 Grant Application

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  1. We are both honored and excited to be a potential recipient and host site for the CMAK Race4Chase Triathlon Program. Within our short 5 years of operation, the Soundview Family YMCA has served hundreds of adults learn and experience the sport of Triathlon. The participants have shown tremendous growth, courage and strength. So much so that they asked that their kids learn the sport also! Since 2012, the Soundview Family YMCA, Zane’s Cycles and the Branford Parks and Recreation department have put on the Shoreline Youth Triathlon. This is a great event that gives kids ages 6-14, the chance to experience the sport of Triathlon and experience how it feels to complete a race.

    The Soundview Family YMCA is fortunate to have a great team of dedicated coaches who are passionate about serving our community and educating our youth. The opportunity for us to join your cause and participate in your 6 week Kids’ Tri Program would allow us to further this effort. This training program would absolutely inspire the youth in our community to gain the knowledge, support, and comradery to become a triathlete.

    Together, we hope to be a contributor to the Race4Chace cause and help you accumulate your One Million Mile goal. Thank you and please don’t hesitate to reach out for further information.

    Thanks again!

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