Become a Sponsor or Partner

Become a Partner or Sponsor

Just as our Volunteers are vital to the success of CMAK in fulfilling its mission, our sponsors and partners allow us to confidently stage events, execute programs and enhance the experience for our community.  The strength of our sponsors and partners not only support us financially but provide expertise, manpower, merchandize and networking that allows us to pursue our mission effectively.  We thanks all those that have stepped forward to work with us on our journey to date and look forward to continue to improve and expand our efforts together in the future.

CMAK continues to seek partners and sponsors for events and the overall Foundation with entities that are genuinely aligned with our vision and are committed to the success of our mission.

Why Be a Sponsor or Partner?

1-     First and foremost, the motivation of our sponsors and partners is to contribute to the success of the vision and mission of the CMAK Sandy Hook Memorial Foundation to turn tragedy into triumph by supporting communities, families and children through health and wellness initiatives while honoring Chase and the other students and educators taken from us at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

2-     Partners and sponsors are supporting programs which are visible and active in the communities where they are located with an audience of individuals, families and children all trying to better themselves.  Results are visible and tangible.

3-     In supporting CMAK’s programs, partners and sponsors align themselves with an organization which is not only welcomed in the local community but is well received nationally wherever it may expand.

4-     Our partners and sponsors are part of a growing Race4Chase community which actively seeks ways to participate together in honoring Chase, advocate for CMAK and support the success of its mission.  Partners and sponsors create a unique access to this community while being part of achieving something together.

5-     CMAK is receptive to creative ways for sponsors and partners to promote their products within our operation while, in return, provide support to our programs and a unique access for our Race4Chase community.

How to be a Sponsor or Partner?

1-     Review our website to become familiar with our mission, programs and events that we participate in and/or stage ourselves.  For most events, there is a sponsorship opportunity.

2-     Express your interest through the following form so that a representative of CMAK for the event can get in touch with you to discuss the specific opportunities further

3-     If our missions are properly aligned and there is interest for forming a partnership, there will be opportunities to do so through discussion with the CMAK Advisory Board.  Please use the same form to express your interest and motivation and we will be back in touch to discuss further.

Click here for our Request to become a CMAK Sponsor form.