Bikes For Kids to Provide Bicycles for Race4Chase Programs

Bikes For Kids, a non for profit based in Centerbrook, CT, has agreed to provide bicycles to the 2016 Race4Chase Kids Triathlon Programs.  Some of these bicycles will reside with the programs for multi- year use, but many will be provided to the children to take with them after completing the Race4Chase Kids Triathlon Program.  “This is an incredible opportunity for the development and expansion of the Race4Chase Kids Triathlon Program and express our heartfelt thanks to Bikes For Kids for their support.” advises Rebecca Kowalski, ” Not only does this cooperation with Bikes for Kids provide CMAK with more resources to expand the Program in future years, it gives the program participants without bicycles an opportunity to take one with them which can really make a difference in the lives of these youth.”

Bikes for Kids founded by the late Chuck Graeb of Old Lyme, CT in 1989.  Referring to the original premise of Chuck Graeb that every child should be able to experience the enjoyment of owning and riding their own bicycle. “ Bikes For Kids ”  works to provide bicycles for children with an identified need.The charity also works to help with other children’s causes and opportunities that enrich the lives of young people in our communities.  CMAK looks forward to working with Bikes for Kids to fulfill each of our missions. Please refer to their website at for more information about their activities.

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