Birthday 2 Birthday Challenge 2016

The 2nd Annual Birthday 2 Birthday Challenge is off to a running (spinning?) start.  This year, the challenge is focused on bicycling where participants will be asked to ride 1100 miles over the course of the year leading up to Chase’s 11th birthday, October 31st, 2016. Participants are logging their daily biking miles (whether on their trainer or on the roads/trails) and advise when they have reached their 1100 mile milestone.


 Zane Cycles is offering Specialized Men’s Crosstrail and Specialized Women’s Ariel bikes at a significant discount to participants who need to upgrade their wheels and provide bicycle accessories at discounted prices as well.  For more details, participants can contact Tom at Zane Cycles at 203 488 3244.  Remember: For those not inclined to bike, you can still qualify for the FINALE by submitting 11 bibs from athletic competitions that you participated during the year.   Planning for the FINALE is underway and more details will be provided in this space in the months to come.

There is still time to accept the challenge.  Please email so we can keep you up to date on the opportunities to get together in pursuit of the challenge.  Our first running event of the year will be the Sandy Hook 5k (see events) and we are hoping to get a good group together on Boston Marathon weekend to participate in the Midnight Course Bike Ride on Sunday night, April 17th , 2016.

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