Race 4 Chase Triathlon Program

WFSB Story

Click the image to see WFSB’s story, including video, about the Race4Chase Triathlon Program.

CMAK is pleased to announce that the foundation has agreed with the Regional YMCA of Western CT (Danbury) and the Central CT Coastal YMCA (Trumbull) to join the Greater Waterbury YMCA in operating the Race4Chase Kid’s Triathlon Program in their area.

A signing ceremony took place at GW YMCA on January 23rd to celebrate the agreement. Along with the dedication of a plaques recognizing CMAK’s scholarships for pre-school students at the GW YMCA program.

Now, the Race4Chase Kid’s Tri Program will be servicing all the communities surrounding the Sandy Hook area and training a total of 90-100 children from 6- 12 years to complete their first triathlon. The culminating triathlon will be staged at GW Waterbury’s Camp Mataucha on August 2nd with all three programs participating.

It will be an enjoyable event to watch so please save the date if you are in the area.

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