Race4Chase Kids Triathlon Program – Special Guests

Amy Dixon, Chris Thomas, Mike Chronert and Cameron O’Bar Share Triathlon Experience with Program Athletes

The participants from many of the Race4Chase Kids Tri Program sites were treated to a special guest appearance from some very accomplished triathletes who shared their wisdom and enthusiasm for the sport of triathlon.  The athletes were shown the state of the art equipment used by elite triathletes including aero cycles, helmets, tri kits, clip shoes which assist the competitive triathlete perform at the highest level.  The guests shared their experience with each of the three legs including strategies for transition to give the athletes some guidance on how to approach their upcoming race.  The athletes asked some terrific questions and gained a sense of what they can look forward to if they continue in the sport.

As reviewed in our July newsletter, Amy Dixon demonstrated her triathlon skills and shared her experience as a blind triathlete with our Waterbury site.

Chris Thomas, former World Champion in his age group and TIMEX Multisport Team member, returned for his second year to visit the sites in Lakewood-Trumbull and Milford.

Mike Chronert, #1 ranked in the world his age group for 70.3 Triathlon,Generation UCAN intern and current Notre Dame pre-med student, visited both the Southington and Middletown sites.

Cameron O’Bar, member of the USA team going to the Age Group World Championships in September and one of the earliest Race4Chase triathletes, visited the site at Brookfield for the second year.

We thank these elite triathletes for their support of the Race4Chase program and for taking the time out of their training and work schedules to instruct and inspire our budding triathletes.  Their visitations were a special opportunity for our athletes to learn first hand from some of the best in the sport.   They are great role models for our youth.

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