Race4Chase Team Braves Heat at Boston

The 2016 Race4Chase Boston Marathon team made a successful showing for the second year as six runners completed the marathon in Chase’s memory.    Amanda Jacob and John Williams were both back from the 2015 Team, running their 4th and 3rd Boston for Chase, respectively.  Kristen Havey, Stephen Pelletier, Kelly Dillon and Curtis Keller were new members to the team, all running their first Boston.  Kristen was running her first marathon ever.


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At the CMAK Sunday brunch hosted by Alma Nove Restaurant, the team was very excited to be finished with their training for the marathon and feeling good.  Zoe Schwalje and Jon Pleva from the 2015 team were there to lend encouragement to everyone as well as some young marathon enthusiasts and friends of Paul Wahlberg who presented their banners to the Team.  Alma Wahlberg made a special appearance to wish everyone luck.  The weather outlook was for a big improvement from 2015 as the 2015 team suffered through some heavy rains, high winds and bone chilling conditions.  As it turned out, the conditions were surprisingly challenging as temperatures reach well into the 70′s and the runners suffered from the heat across the board.










Although the heat cut into the athlete’s target times, it certainly did not curtail their enthusiasm or the enthusiasm of their supporters which lined the course.  Each runner passed the CMAK cheering tent on Hereford Street with a big smile and energetic wave for their fans as they entered the homestretch to the finish on Boylston.  Each athlete proudly displayed their finishing medal and recounted numerous stories on how Chase made an impact in their race as their bodies were struggling and they needed a boost.


Curtis Keller               3:26:09

Amanda Jacob           3:54:01

Kelly Dillon                 4:24:25

Stephen Pelletier      4:49:02

John Williams            4:56:03

Kristen  Havey          4:58:28



This Race4Chase team was extremely successful in their fundraising efforts for CMAK.  As of May 1st, the team surpassed the 2015 team fundraising, totaling over $ 23,000.  Kristen Havey set an individual record for a Boston Marathon member by raising over $8.5k with Stephen Pelletier just behind her with almost $8k. John Williams continues to show his strong support setting his personal record of over $3k.  We thank all our runners, their friends, family, employers and other supporters for their efforts which will allow us to continue to expand the Race4Chase Kids Triathlon Programs in 2017.  Race4Chase Boston Marathon Team Fundraising Campaign

CMAK is very fortunate to have these runners represent the Foundation and Chase in this prestigious event. We celebrate them and their accomplishment! as well as welcoming them into the Race4Chase family!! We look forward to seeing them again later this year at one of our events to show them the impact that their efforts are having on the CMAK programs and the youth that we are serving.

It is not too early to start thinking about joining the 2017 Race4Chase Boston Marathon Team!!  CMAK hopes to have two or more charity bibs for 2017, but will know only by the end of September.  For those that are fleet of foot like Amanda, Kelly and Curtis, qualifying times must be run after Sept 19th, 2015 for qualification for 2017 Boston.  Applications must be submitted in early September.  So if you know someone that has qualified for 2017 Boston, encourage them to join the Race4Chase team.  I understand that Erin Flanagan is thinking about returning to Boston in 2017.

We thank Amanda Jacob for serving as our team captain this year.  Now she can turn her entire attention to her wedding at the end of the summer.  We wish Amanda and Ryan all the best together!



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