How Your Donations Help

Your donations help to “turn tragedy into triumph” by directly supporting CMAK’s programs which not only preserve the memory of Chase’s competitive spirit but also make an impact in the lives of underserved children while supporting strong families.

Race4Chase Kid’s Triathlon

Each child that completes the challenging Race4Chase triathlon training program and crosses the finish line at the “Finale” triathlon race will have learned the discipline of training to achieve a goal, how to adopt a healthy lifestyle, bolster self-esteem by doing something that few of their peers have accomplished, learn skills that transcend sports and inspires them to aim high in sports and life.

Every $15,000 raised will allow CMAK to commit to starting an additional Race4Chase Kid’s Triathlon Program, a commitment not only for next year but maintaining a successful program for years to come. With the success of the 2017 programs and the significant interest for new program sites, the goal of having a Race4Chase Kids Triathlon Program in each State is within the realm of reason.

Chase’s Place

CMAK has committed to fund the creation of Chase’s Place within the new YMCA planned for construction in the Pomperaug region, just miles from Sandy Hook. This is a family wellness center which will provide a place for both children and adults to workout together with equipment and programs to encourage family interaction, wellness and quality time. Although this facility is 3 or more years from operation and therefore not an immediate draw on resources, CMAK must prepare prudently in order that the funds will be available when required. CMAK hopes that once Chase’s Place is successfully operating that we can duplicate Chase’s Place in other communities.

Pre School Scholarships

CMAK will continue to provide grants for pre-school education to families in the area who need assistance. Pre-school education was an important avenue for Chase to overcome a speech impediment and will be an annual part of the CMAK programs.