CMAK has many ways for supporters to participate in the foundation and make a meaningful contribution to fulfilling CMAK’s mission while honoring Chase and keeping his inspiration as part of our lives.

Participate:  Sign up for the CMAK newsletter and liking us on Facebook where you will be kept informed on events to attend and volunteer opportunities.  You also will keep abreast of the works of the foundation and the inspirational actions of your fellow Race4Chasers.

Race4Chase:  Join athletes from around the world inspired by Chase to better themselves and honoring Chase by dedicating training and participation in an athletic event.  Join the Race4Chase campaign at the CMAK Firstgiving site by registering and starting a fundraising page where you can keep the supporters informed on your progress.

Organize Your Own Event:  Many supporters have taken the next step and organized their own event to support CMAK and to keep Chase’s memory alive.  Golf Outings, Bowling Nights, Road Races, Motorcycle Rallies have been organized in close cooperation with CMAK to raise money and awareness.  CMAK can provide branding materials, online registration, access to volunteers and other support to combine with your ideas and energy to make the event a success. To start the process, please provide your information by clicking this link:  CMAK Event Idea Form.

Volunteer:  Volunteering is one of the most effective ways of contributing to fulfilling CMAK’s mission.  Since we operate entirely on volunteers, the limits to our reach and effectiveness is directly associated with the energy, skills and availability of volunteers for our events, races and administering the foundation.  We have been blessed with a talented, tireless and enthusiastic group of volunteers who not only successfully stage our events but also enjoy themselves in the process.  The Race4Chase community is all about forging friendships, encouraging self-improvement and doing things for the right reason, all in Chase’s spirit.  This is part of the very mission of the foundation and we are fortunate to have been able to attract volunteers that embody this spirit.  Come join us!  Click here to offer your volunteer time and talents.

Events:  All of our events have a need for volunteers and, in many circumstance, you can volunteer as well as participate in a particular event.  We not only need volunteers to be the chairpersons for the event but also the volunteers that take care of all the details. The responsibilities can be flexible depending upon your circumstances.  All that we need is that you get on our volunteer list by filling out the following questionnaire so that we can contact you directly for the events or responsibilities that interest you the most.

Administration:  As CMAK’s programs and outreach have expanded, its needs for administering the foundation have also grown in size and complexity.  For this reason, we are looking to expand upon the small group that has been the core of administering the foundation to date.  CMAK will post here volunteer positions and job descriptions for supporter’s consideration.  Anyone interested can inquire further by filling out the volunteer questionnaire.