Chase the Coast: Tracking Position

As Heather Theriault and Chris Kopcha pursue their quest to complete the “Chase the Coast” Triathlon (140 mile) on Saturday, July 23rd in support of the Race4Chase Kids Triathlon Programs , you can follow their progress along the route through the FREE online app at   Please follow these simple instructions to download the app and access the athlete’s location on a map.


1. Download the Tracking App at: RaceJoy Chase the Coast

2. Register

3. Select Training Days

4. Login as a Spectator and enter the Name: Heather Theriault and Tracking ID number: 8888

3. Go to Map View to watch the athletes location as they progress up the coast.

Heather will activate her tracking device at 5:30am on July 23rd, 2016.  Prior to this date, the RaceJoy app will show that Heather is not active.  The device will be switched on and maintained with her through the swim, bike and run throughout the day.

The tracking is an easy way to estimate the athletes’ arrival at various points on the course so you can come down to cheer them on when they are approaching your location.

CMAK will have cheering sections at the following points along the course:

Bike Route:
Indian Harbor Yacht Club  MILE 0.0
Steamboat Road (Exit 3 – I95)
(Transition Aid Station)

Tile America MILE 8.7
63 Harborview
YMCA  MILE 27.3  (Aid Station #1)
14 Allen Raymond Lane
Tile America  MILE 41.3
515 Commerce Drive
YMCA MILE 55 (Aid Station # 2)
631 Orange Ave
Tile America MILE 65.4
105 Hamilton St
New Haven
Lisa’s Bike & Bootcamp MILE 75
53 Industrial Rd
YMCA MILE 76  (Aid Station #3)
628 East Main Street
Funktion Fitness MILE 88.6
141 W Main Street
Valley Shore YMCA MILE 95.2  (Aid Station #4)
201 Spencer Plains Road
Funktion Fitness Old Saybrook MILE 98.7
210 Main Street
Old Saybrook
Niantic Center School  Mile 112
Niantic (Transition Aid Station)
Run Course:
Grace McDonnell’s Playground (MILE 19.25)
William’s Beach
behind Mystic YMCA
1 Harry Austin Drive
Wilcox Park (26.2 mile)
Broad Street
Westerley, R.I.

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