Race4Chase Kids’ Tri Program

Race4Chase Kid’s Triathlon Program

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Chase’s Inspiration

Chase Kowalski loved to run, taught himself to swim and spent much of his afternoons on his bike racing over his course in his backyard when the weather cooperated.  At six years of age, he asked his parents to find him a triathlon to compete in.  He successfully completed his first triathlon and won his age group!  He was very proud of his accomplishment sharing his success with friends and teachers and taking great care not to wash off his race number marked on his arms.  It is only fitting that CMAK would support a program to give other children the same opportunity to train and complete this challenging race and honor Chase at the same time.
















The Race4Chase Kid’s Triathlon program is a youth triathlon program aimed to provide kids aged 6 to 12 with a safe, healthy non-competitive environment to discover the sport of triathlon.  It bring together kids from all different backgrounds and educates them on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle, coaches them to develop a foundation of athletic skills, and inspires them to aim high in sports and in life.

Designed as a six week goal oriented summer program, the program provides kids with expert instruction in swimming, cycling, running, strength training and flexibility, and also teaches them the fundamentals of good nutrition, under the supportive guidance of coaches, lifeguards and instructors. Implementing a custom-designed training program, the coaches provide the youth athletes with all the equipment, knowledge, and one-on-one support they need to become tri-athletes.  At the culmination of the training camp, all the youth athletes come together to compete in a USAT-sanctioned triathlon race.

















Program Details

-        through Friday (Minimum of 3 hours per day) during a six week summer session to train youth in the sport of triathlon.

-        Each program is run by a trained head coach and coaching assistants (Ratio of one coach per 8 athletes)

-        Breakfast and lunch are provided to the athletes every day of the program (optional based upon need and availability)

-        At the end of the program, all the athletes in each community compete in a short course USAT-sanctioned youth triathlon race.

-        All athletes are instructed in swimming, biking and running and are also taught the fundamentals of good nutrition, strength and flexibility

-        Guest coaches and athletes share their experiences on how participating in the sport of triathlon and being fit and healthy has helped them succeed in life.

-        The program is free for all participants.


Please contact info@chasekowalskifund.com with your interest to become a sponsor and provide equipment or other support.

Expansion of Programs for 2021

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