Generation UCAN

We are pleased to announce that CMAK and Generation UCAN have agreed to a partnership to support the development for the foundation’s programs while providing the Race4Chase community with unique access to their endurance nutrition and hydration products. CMAK and Generation UCAN both have a commitment to the health and wellness of our communities while making a difference through supporting athletic pursuits. Generation UCAN’s one-of-a-kind energy source, SuperStarch, was developed to treat a rare children’s disease and is a now a proven asset to athletes as a source of long lasting energy. This healthy patented carbohydrate is also an ideal tool for everyday individuals seeking to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. The product is being tested for the better management of sugar levels in diabetes.

Generation UCAN, based in Woodbridge, CT, has been motivated and committed to support the efforts of the foundation to grow its programs and honor Chase Kowalski and the other students and educators taken from us. Generation UCAN will support the Race4Chase Kid’s Triathlon programs with nutrition instruction and hydration products during training and competition. It will also provide samples of its endurance products to the many Race4Chase athletes training for endurance events and then offer these products to them at discounted prices. A percentage of the sales from this program will lead to a donation to the CMAK Sandy Hook Memorial Foundation.

To access Generation UCAN store with special discount code for purchasers (10%) and also support CMAK, click here


 In celebration of this agreement, the Race4Chase team joined Generation UCAN in participating in the All-American Marathon (Full/Half/5k) on May 4th, 2014 . Generation UCAN was the sponsor of the 5K at Fort Bragg and the nutrition sponsor of the marathon and half marathon. Erin Flanagan, who is on a quest to run a marathon in every State while honoring Chase, led the Race4Chase team competing that weekend. She ran with a Race4Chase baton and passed it on to Christy Jones to pass forward to another athlete at another athletic event as an effort to keep Chase’s spirit alive. We invite everyone to view the video produced by Generation UCAN which captures the atmosphere of the event.  Click Here.