“Drive with Harte” Charity Contest

Calling ALL Supporters:  VOTE CMAK Today!

January Contest Deadline Draws Near!

The Harte Auto Group, longtime supporters of CMAK, has selected the CMAK Foundation to participate in the DRIVE WITH HARTE charity campaign where the Harte Auto Group will donate $5,000 to a chosen 501c3 charity each month based upon the number of votes received in their contest.  The easy way to record your votes is to access the Harte Auto Group facebook pages below, find the Drive with Harte contest posting and put CMAK in the comment box of the post.  You can vote once per site, six votes in total!!  Votes must be made prior to Midnight on January 31st. Our efforts in October and November left us short of the mark to win. Let’s make January 2017 CMAK’s month!  Share this with all your facebook friends and have them vote as well!


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